Education Funding Eligibility
The Menasha Education Fund appreciates your interest in our public education foundation grants and desire to provide new learning opportunities for students and teachers. To be eligible for this education funding, you must be a teacher within the MJSD system.

Your project needs to meet the following criteria. If all requirements are met, download our grant application form below, fill out and submit by mail. You can also review our grant evaluation form below to see what areas the Board of Directors considers when grant decisions are made.

Funding Criteria

  • Applicants must be teachers within the MJSD
  • Grant seekers must use the application provided and follow the format outlined
  • The Fund typically grants up to $1,000 per project; requests beyond this amount will be considered, and if approved, partial funding is often awarded
  • Each grant application can list up to two people maximum (even if the effort is coordinated by a group or team) to streamline recordkeeping efforts
  • Upon grant approval, a summary of the project success/outcome will be required

Other Requests
Download Hardware Request Form (PDF)
Download Software Request Form (PDF)
Download Mini-Grant Application Form (PDF)

All applications/requests are due by Nov. 15, Feb. 15, Apr. 15. Please send to:

Menasha Education Fund
Attn. Loralee Engels, District Administrator
P.O. Box 360
Menasha, WI 54952