Volunteer Board from the Menasha Area
A volunteer Board of Directors operates the Menasha Education Fund and is made up of members who serve two-year terms and represent the community – corporate, business and professional leaders as well as parents, teachers and administrators within the Menasha Joint School District.

There are three working committees that address the major plans and organizational tasks of the Fund:

  1. Publicity/Fundraising
  2. Projects and Grants
  3. Investments

Current Board Members

  • Ben Adams, Chairperson
  • Chris VanderHeyden, Secretary
  • Vicki Bokelman, Treasurer
  • Kari Hawkinson
  • Dan Kutschera
  • Mark Mayer
  • Michelle McNichols
  • Jim Reiland
  • Dawn Theisen
  • Steve VanDeurzen

History of the Fund
Menasha Public Schools